Friday, February 12, 2010

February Snow

Cactus Snow!

This bottle has been sitting on the pedestrian bridge for over a week now. At first it really freaked me out because my first assumption about a beer bottle is that it is made of glass. I was proven wrong on this one. Plastic. However, just by looking at it, you would never guess it was just that.

I just love the birds in this image.

After all the snow had melted off the bridge it made some wicked reflections.

Lubbock has been crazy, but we all knew that already. Tuesday was gorgeous though. Big white fluffy flakes of snow traveled across the Llano and I took that opportunity to walk to work on campus, not bike, walk. Walking allowed me to sniff up all the snowflakes up my nose I could manage, really appreciate the feeling of fluffy ice hitting me in the eye, and figure out just how quickly snow melted through denim and chucks. Beautiful day. By the time I got to work I had a tummy sated with sky water, pants soaked up to the knees (an a little on the bum) and 2 gigs on my CF card full.

These are just my favorites.

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  1. I really like the reflection and the planter box. Hey did you read any of that Graduate School stuff I sent you?