Monday, February 1, 2010

Ugly Brain Fish

Mr. Aquarium on 34th and University were gracious enough to let Rob and I photograph one of their fish in the store. My first idea was to buy a fish, bring it into the studio, play around, and then dispose of the fish as humanely as possible because I personally do not want a fish this ugly crapping up my head vase. That's all goldfish do anyway, eat and poop. By the end of the shoot there was already poo all over the place. Stupid fish.

Anyway, so Rob and I do the shoot, using his 580EX's and overall I really enjoyed what resulted. We tried a bunch of different angles, some with no success at all, but these are the ones that really made my favorites list. The vase was a gift from my sister and luckily it was small enough that Mr. Ugly here couldn't swim that much which made it easier to photograph him. It was timing his breaths that was the tricky part and getting him to face the photographer.

Overall, the shoot was a success and I am anxious to see what Rob managed to snag as well.

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  1. I guess this forces me to edit the shots from that day....thanks....