Saturday, December 11, 2010

Portraits: MJ and Mason

Going up to the Parks Mall with Mason and his daughter MJ was an absolute adventure! It all started with me going through my portfolio and seeing there was an absence of photographs of children. One thing that made this such a great experience was that MJ knew me and was already at ease with me and when I lifted up my camera to take her picture, she went into full "diva" mode. Hand on hip. Big smile. "Aren't I fashionable!" she asked in statement form. Oh I don't think there was a moment I wasn't smiling around her. She is so smart and so sassy.

"Isn't daddy handsome?" Yes, MJ, he sure is.
"Don't I just look like a princess?" Yes, MJ. You are a beautiful princess.

Earlier I mentioned the sass.... ^^^
In this photo, I asked her to pose and after she turned around to face me, she put up her finger and told me I was allowed "one picture only." Okay. One picture. She was the boss.

As we were leaving the mall to go to a park, MJ put on a small show, dancing across the floor with a flurry of poses, twirls, spins, and a bucket full of smiles and laughter.

"Hey, MJ, can you go stand by that pole, under the sign?"
"Yeah!" she exclaims and goes and runs under the sign, looks at it and then grabs it. Of the photos from this spot, this was the absolute best. She loved to have her picture taken, but when she was done, she was done and it was off to the next spot, and the next adventure!

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