Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anniversary Session : Nathan and Erin

I knew this was going to be an amazing photo session when Erin texted me as I drove from San Antonio to Lubbock asking if I could photograph her and her husband, Nathan, to celebrate their one year anniversary. Of course I would! I love this couple!

On top of it, they made a specific request that the session be Fun with a capital "F" and not romantic or lovey, but Fun. I believe we managed to have more than that! Of course, I warned them, they were allowing me to pull out every crazy idea out of my bag and they performed every idea without hesitation. I LOVED IT!

To start it off.... Nathan got pulled over driving Erin's vehicle for expired registration. The officer was nice though and didn't give Nathan a ticket - because Erin asked for it to be given to her! Crazy kids. LOVE THEM!

Fantastic session. Erin and Nathan are amazing. Hands down.


  1. I love your work! Great energy, fun and so colorful. There's a mood that comes through these photos, like you captured their spirits in a perfect moment. I'm Nathan's mom and these are the best photos I've seen of him...except my personal favorite where he fell asleep in his high chair, one shoe off. (He was 1 then.) Dee Lane

  2. Thank you so much! These two were so much fun to work with and it wasn't difficult to get a real smile or laugh out of them. When they said "Fun" they had no idea how much "Fun" they'd be having with me. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to photograph their love. Nathan's a good kid - you raised him well. (I'd love to see that photo you mentioned!)

  3. How in the WORLD did you get that last shot, with her flying in the air!?!? Wow! So cool!

    1. Very carefully! :) I will have to get you and your hubby doing that one of these days!