Thursday, February 10, 2011

Max and Odin

Max Puckett II is a really awesome guy and what do awesome guys have? A really awesome dog. Odin is a 9 month old pit bull and is very smart - Max ( a trainer at Pets Mart ) has trained him well. Apparently pit bulls are not typically known to play fetch - they play keep-away quite well, but to retrieve a frizbee or stick is just not a natural behavior. This just proves how awesome Max is with training dogs because Odin enjoys playing fetch (with a little bit of keep-away).

These two were so much fun to hang out with at the park over by Max's place and it was quite obvious Odin was LOVING the extra attention.


  1. love it alison!
    miss you max!!

  2. Great photos Alison!! I love Odin's ears. It looks like it was a fun shoot :)

  3. Oh Molly, his ears were so much fun! Almost every photo I shot, Odin's ears were sky-high. :) It was quite a fun shoot.