Monday, January 31, 2011

Hunt's Cattle Dogs

Spring semester of my Freshman year at Texas Tech I took an intro history course from an instructor who made the course fun and interesting. Being the person I am, I sat in the very front, asked question, talked to the professor and the students around me (yes, I am that kid). The instructor, Mr. Sanford Hunt, put up with me and later supported me on my pursuit for the Miss Texas Crown. While many students pass through a teacher's classroom, very few come back to visit (again, I am that person). Mr. Hunt made a real impression on me and has always been on my mind as one of those people I will never forget. Well, with today's age, what do you do with people you know? You Facebook them because "it's not official if it's not on Facebook."

After finding him, we exchanged e-mails and asked if I'd like to join him one morning during his walk to photograph his cattle dogs. Why not? Recently I have photographed quite a few puppies, I am quite comfortable around all canines, even domesticated wolves. And I genuinely love dogs - grew up around big dogs so size has never intimidated me. Just gotta show them who's boss. So today I met the family out in a field out on 110th and Milwaukee and walked around the pasture, photographing Mr. Hunt's dogs as they looked for rabbits and chased each other.

Here they are, Red, Kate, Smoke and Brown doing what they do best! They sure were showing off for me - probably not every day they get company on their morning run!

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