Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Family : The Kamis and DeBrosse Family

Oh how blessed this family is! Look at all those beautiful faces! Whenever I photograph families and grandma and grandpa are there, there is a whole new energy about the portraits. There are 3 generations of LOVE packed into one group! Add great-grandparents to the mix and it's almost uncontrollable! My heart gets so happy to photograph families together.

This fun family found me and we managed to squeeze them all together in a very short amount of time (lots to do when everyone is in town for only a weekend!)

There are a lot of articles and words of wisdom out there that advise not waiting to have your family portraits taken. When your children and grandchildren look at photos of you, they do not see the 5lbs you wish you could lose, or that you haven't had your hair done, or excuses, excuses, excuses. All they see is the person they love and admire! They remember the time they spent with you! They remember the memory of having everyone together to take family portraits. Don't make excuses, get pictures of your family and with your family every chance you get!

Grandbaby hugs!!!! <3 p="">
All daughters! This man is amazing!!!!!
And this is why we do large group portraits first, and typically go youngest child to oldest in the smaller group portraits! Love the raw emotion though! :)

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