Monday, March 17, 2014

Nursing Session : Cassandra & Lily

I absolutely love capturing such important times in a family's life. A mother nursing her child. I am so honored that this beautiful mother is so inspired by my journey in breastfeeding that she wants her daughter to self-wean, just as my daughter will, and not stop at a year! Cassandra is such a good friend and I am so happy I am her personal photographer! You can check out her maternity and Lily's newborn session too!

Did you know...
The majority of women in America only nurse their children 3-6 months.
One year is the average goal of a new breastfeeding mother.
Two years is what the World Health Organization recommends a child be breastfed.

Give this lovely mama a big high five, as I write this, her sweet little lady is 8 months breastfed! Congratulations, beautiful!

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