Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bridals : Jacie

Oh. My. Goodness! Jacie has to be the most beautiful and stunning bride I have ever photographed! And she knows how to work it in front of the camera! When she contacted me about having her bridal portraits taken at Bass Performance Hall, I might have become a giddy little school girl about it and started jumping up and down. There were some scheduling issues we had to work around (apparently the Symphony wanted to perform at every moment Jacie and I tried to get in! - that silly Symphony!) Our perseverance paid off though and we were able to capture some STUNNING portraits!!!
Jacie married her sweetheart, John, in Lubbock on August 30th (which I also photographed at 36 weeks pregnant) in a very classically theatrical way and I'm excited to share those with you all soon!
 Hint: There was song dedications and duets!!!!

This is my absolute favorite!!!!! She is such a stunning bride!
We had so much fun exploring the theater and taking advantage of the GORGEOUS venue! I don't know how this girl could ever take a bad photo!

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  1. These are amazing photos, and the bride is looking very beautiful in that splendid gown. The wedding must have been wonderful as well. I’m also tying the knot next month at one of the best San Francisco venues. Will be receiving my gown tomorrow and I’m excited to try it out.