Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Engagements : JJ & Ian : Las Colinas Mandalay Canals

Absolute Happiness! These two are so joy-filled and that is exactly how we described their entire portrait experience. JJ and Ian first met in college and 8 years later are now tying the knot! They originally planned on having an engagement party in her hometown of Korea, but after the RSVP's from all around the world came in, they decided to make it a wedding instead!
I wish I could have been there but I wish you two many years of happiness.
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"Thank you Alison! We are just checking them out and they look amazing. We never had photos taken of us before and they are very lovely. I thought we'd look like goofballs but you captured us so perfectly. We can't wait to share these photos. - JJ & Ian"

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