Sunday, December 29, 2013

Family Session : Norris Family

Jeannie is a friend from my weekly Wednesday networking group. She's an amazing mother and after scheduling and rescheduling and rescheduling, we finally found a time that worked great for everybody! It was super quick too, all they wanted was ONE photo! (A quick snap of the reunion of the siblings and then it was time for the big family portrait!) 
We met up in downtown Grapevine, all the holiday lights were up and it was perfect. This family knew just want to do as well! They were perfect! I just had to wait for the arch hallway of lights to all light up at the same time to capture the perfect family portrait. Seriously, I'm a little jealous! 

Merry Christmas to the Norris family and to all those reading my blog! Now that the holidays are over, I can share all the awesome family portraits I've been taking that were reserved for Christmas cards! 

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