Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sneak Peek at Kim & Pete!

These two are so much fun to be around. When you are with them, whatever you had planned, just toss out the window cause they're going to reinvent your afternoon. This is exactly what happened for our shoot. We were supposed to go to a park and I was going to chase them around with my camera while they prettily rode on their bikes and made lovey-dovey faces at one another. "Meet me in front of Joyland" turned into "Let's go to Joyland."

The only other time I have ever brought a camera onto a roller coaster was two years ago when I went to the South Plains Fair. Yes, should have learned my lesson there, right? Wrong. Even after the epic bruises across my thighs and forearms I made from pressing myself as hard as I could against the restraints of the ride for fear of losing my camera, I just had to say, yes, let's do this again. (For the record, the bruises are totally worth it, as long as you keep that death-grip on your camera, you'll be good.)

Here's a sneak peek at what I managed to capture of the incredible Kim and Pete.


  1. these are really good! I want to see more!

  2. The 2nd shot is incredible Alison. It would make a great stock shot at any of the major agencies. Ask Jerod. He'll agree.