Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hot Rhythm Nights at Sons of Herman Hall

Every Thursday night in Dallas at the Sons of Hermann Hall you can find a good group of people who like to call themselves swing dancers having fun on the dance floor. One of the Bal Bugs asked me to photograph the dance to help advertise the weekly dances. As a swing dancer, it gave me an edge because I was able to predict where the swing outs would be, the direction of travel and turns. I also knew a good handful of the dancers and occasionally put my camera down to share a song with a lead or two. I really enjoyed my evening at Sons. They had a beginning Balboa lesson and afterward a dance that lasted until people felt like leaving. I got out of there around midnight but some nights you can expect the party to continue well into the next morning.

If you love Balboa and are in the Dallas area, you can find their Facebook group HERE or search Bal Bugs.
You can find their Facebook group for the dances HERE.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the lesson and the dance.

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