Saturday, January 9, 2010

365 Days of Photography

So I have decided to truly dive into this project. Especially after watching the beauty of blogging from the movie Julie & Julia. I've got a new fire under me from that.

I'll start this project on the 13th, when I get back to Lubbock for school. I'll have all the tools I need to really get this project going. Ideas are already in my head and so are models - watch out you whoever creep into my mind. I may just cover you in paint like I did to Mylie who was a real trooper on that shoot.

My days of relaxing and sitting on my butt are almost at an end. Thank goodness. I'm going crazy having so much down time. I crave responsibilities. I crave possibilities. I am dying for an adventure. I can already feel the opportunities rising. This project will be a good thing for my fellow photographer friends and I to do. Along with posting those photos I'll probably also throw in a few fun shots I take along the way as bonus. I do love photography.

Oh I can't wait for the adventures of this new year!

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