Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Proposal : Curt & Sherilyn

Oh these two are so in love! You can tell by the way they look at each other. 

Two days before "the big event" I received an email from Curt and he shared with me the story of how he and Sherilyn met six months earlier. It was love at first sight. *swoon!* Curt told me about his plan to take her back to the spot they shared their first date and fell in love and propose to her on the very chair they also shared! So sweet!!!!

Showtime was set for between 6:10 pm and  6:15 pm at The Library Bar in the Warwick Melrose Hotel so I arrived early to scope out the place, meet the bar manager and make sure everyone knew to NOT sit in this one chair! (Also to let the bar staff know to keep the lights up long enough for me to capture this!)

They ran a bit late but everyone was totally on board and it couldn't have been better planned!

These two were precious!  Congratulations and Happy Valentine's Day to remember for these two!

 Here is where Sherilyn finally spotted me!

 And now for some post-proposal portraits in the lobby of the Warwick Hotel!

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