Saturday, May 29, 2010

Junction Day 15

The last morning together, we all head out to the flower farm. We have had such great weather for flower photography because there was barely a breath of wind out there. The flowers were gorgeous as well. There was an abundance of wildflowers, grouped together, which made for incredible wide angle shots and macro.

We ate cereal and then headed back to campus. When we got back, we showed our best 10 images to Wyman, who was very critical on all the shots. I love hearing real critique of my work from someone who know what they are doing, because then I can improve and further my photography.

After packing and loading all of my stuff into Erin's car we headed out to La Familia to have our last lunch together. It was OK. Honestely, I am burnt out on mexican food from this trip. It was delicious the first go around, but by now my stomach just wants something else.

The five hour car ride back with Erin goes surprisingly fast. I keep her entertained with stories and by holding iPod duty. Jason and little Erin follow us the entire way, little Erin making her way to Amarillo. When we get to Lubbock, we head straight for Armadillo Camera. The whole film thing got screwed up so we dropped off our film to be processed there. Sometime next week I'll go pick up all of my slides and so I'm guessing next weekend I'll just have a field day bent over a light board.

Junction was an incredible experience for me.  I got to see some incredible things and meet some pretty amazing people. I learned a lot about myself. I'm not as hesitant about crossing a river, or swimming in a pond, or walking through thorny brush. Before Junction, I didn't even realize I had those hesitations.

Texas Tech, thank you for allowing me this opportunity. It has been fantastic!

A. Lubbock
B. Junction
C. Del Rio
D. Langtry
E. Sonora
F. Sheffield
G. Fredericksburg
H. Utopia


  1. It was an amazing opportunity to see a part of Texas rarely visited and record it on film, and to do so with a professional photographer. Now you have seen uninterrupted night skies, heard the deafening silence of open spaces, and witnessed natures power of water. So while you may think you didn't grow as a photographer, I beg to differ, as all of your senses have been touched and made aware of a serenity not felt before.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your posts of our trip! Made me miss it! Your pictures captured the beauty of the two weeks we all spent together. Hope you have a great summer, and I will see you soon!