Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Junction Day 13

I am so ready to fall asleep and wake up in my own bed. At 8:00 a.m. Dave made rounds of waking everyone up. I was already awake though, having woken up with every toss and turn there was. All I had to keep me warm at night was my jacket and to sleep on was a bouncy mattress and a musty pillow. Not fun, but it was much better than sleeping in the van. I was glad to wake up and get out of there.

We had breakfast at a Mexican restaurant in Mason, Tx on our way back to Junction. I didn't have my wallet because I wasn't expecting to have a sleepover at Mason Mountain. Derek was kind enough to buy me a coffee and some toast. Good thing I'm not a big breakfast kind of person, that kept me fueled for a while.

We got back to campus and I was all ready for a nap, getting ready to blog about my adventures when not 20 minutes after getting to campus, Wyman rushes over, pounding on our door to exclaim that there is a flash flood headed down the Llano river and it's a "Once in a lifetime opportunity" and we need to get up and shoot it. My first reaction is "Shit." My second reaction grew on me and then became overwhelming when I put my shoes back on and grabbed my gear and we were all speeding out of campus like a bat out of hell to catch up with this flood as it barreled down the Llano.

The flood was moving at approximately 2 mph but it was about 10 feet of water. HOLY COW! I had never seen water rise so quickly and so much water! We started off at the crossing by campus, waited an hour, went to get lunch at Sonic, came back, decided to chase it upriver, missed it, and drove back down to campus, waited another hour and then it happened! It began to rain. Again. And not just a little rain, no a heck of a lot or rain was just dumped on us. But then.....The water slowly began to rise and then it got dark and muddy, and suddenly the water was over the bridge, bringing with it all kinds of debris. We got the heck out of dodge fast and then drove as fast as we could up to 377 Falls.

We were a few miles ahead of the flood so we had plenty of time to scout out the area. There was a break in the sky and the sun stuck out like a sore thumb, scorching all of us. It was welcome and so nice, and since we had plenty of time, Jason, Nicole and I went swimming in the river. I was tired of smelling myself (2 days or hiking/river frolicking/everything) and I was hot from the sun. Lucky me, I had my swimsuit on. After a mini photoshoot with photographer Nick, we had about enough of swimming and all got out. Just then...... the water began to rise.

FLASH FLOOD. We weren't there shooting but for 20 minutes and the water rose about 6 feet. the place I was swimming you couldn't see anymore. But with the dark clouds, everything was so perfectly exposed. I'm sad I didn't shoot that film, but running through cactus and thorny brush really was making my bare legs angry and torn up. The shots turned out gorgeous though, and the flood was totally worth chasing.

We get back to campus at 5:00 p.m., just in time for dinner at 5:30 p.m. so I grab a shower. Best shower ever! After all that running around I was starving too. I got a full plate and an apple and finished it all. Chicken breast, rice, vegetables. YUM! It was so delicious.

At 6:30 p.m. we headed out to Fort Mckavitt to paint the old buildings. The place was absolutely amazing. So much history. Wyman filled me in on a bit of it and it was just fascinating. I want to learn more about it.

When the sun was going down, this gorgeous ray of light hit the run down fort and with the dark storm clouds behind it, it was breathtaking. How amazing that our luck on shoots has just turned around! Good timing too! Especially since we're almost done with the class.

I'm sad it's almost over, but at the same time, I'm ready to do things my way when I want, how I want and whatever I want. I miss my friends. I miss my sweet boi. Thursday evening I'll be back in Lubbock. I am going to miss the beauty of this place though. Never could I again be so lucky to be with the people I have been with for the past 13 days and learn as much as I have.

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