Sunday, May 23, 2010

Junction Day 5

We were all packed and ready to leave at 7:30 a.m. for Dolan Falls, but we didn't get to leave until 9:00 a.m. due to high water at our destination. Fortunately we were able to arrive there unharmed and dry. The drive to Dolan was four hours and the last hour was 30 miles on a dirt road that Nick somehow slept through.

One fantastic thing about Dolan Falls, which the Devil River cuts through, is a certain bug that haunts everyone there. Assassin Bugs. Also known as Kissing Bugs. They wait until all is quiet and then they fall on you, find a tasty spot and then suck the blood out of you. Kind of like a demented mosquito, except 10X worse. These bugs will leave HUGE hickey like marks on you. Wyman said two years ago he had a student get bit, hopefully nobody gets bit this time.

Around 1:00 p.m. we arrive at Dolan Falls. Our cabins are outdoor cabins with pull down cots to sleep on. Two to a cabin. Brittany and I bunk together, pushing our beds close so we are as far away from the walls and the windows as possible. We don’t want to have any vampire bug bite us. After a very thorough search all we found was a large cricket and a spider. I killed the spider since it looked very much like a brown recluse and that’s a poison I don’t want to mess with.

Since the light was terrible to shoot, we all headed down to the falls with swimsuits and bottles of “Texas Piss” which is a concoction of Keystone, Vodka and Lemonade. Pretty tasty, yet it was still heavy on the Keystone.

Wild Dave, Brittany, Nick and I were the first to arrive and jump off the cliff into the river. It wasn’t very clear but after Dave jumped right in we were all ready to go! So Much Fun! Jumping off the cliff (granted it was a small cliff) was such an exhilarating feeling and I felt so alive when my heart pounded hard in my chest as I took that leap off the edge. Oh I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

Wyman makes the best poppers. Then again, I’m not a fan of jalepanos but these babies, filled with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, cooked over a fire is superb! The first two were amazing and so full of flavor. The third popper was a surprise popper Wyman had thrown in there. The last bite got me and I ran straight for the kitchen. I pulled out two slices of bread and soaked my tongue on them. Brent, who was under the same duress as I, told me to run my tongue under the faucet, so I did. At that time, as my tongue is being flushed with tap water, Wyman walks in and sees me and ends up having to catch himself from the big belly laugh the sight of me gave him. I can’t feel my tongue and my lips are tingling. Brent hands me a Miller Light and tells me it will help. Since I don’t know where any milk is I figure being drunk will help kill the fire in my mouth, and sure enough it does.

After all the poppers are cooked and consumed and the laughs die down, we all head back down to the falls to take some photos. Photographing drunk is new to me and boy was I scared to shoot so close to water. I tried to be extra careful and therefore I didn’t hurt any of my equipment. Thank goodness.

Burgers were for dinner, but a storm rolled in and we all had to move our party inside. Hopefully the storm leaves soon so we aren’t stranded here longer than we intend to stay. Who knows though, the weather has been quite crazy lately.

For now, Brittany watches the Madonna episode of Glee and I blog and go through my digital images I shot today. I hope for some real adventure tomorrow. Wyman should be waking us up around 6:30 a.m. though I’m sure I’ll be awake before then. In new places I wake up every hour or so. We’ll see how tonight goes. Goodnight.

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