Monday, May 24, 2010

Junction Day 12

Last night when I finished blogging and finally went to bed it was about 1:00 a.m. I didn't fall asleep until probably 1:45 a.m. because of people snoring! I swear it was like an elementary school orchestra was warming up in a hallway.

I woke up at 5:50 a.m. and threw on pants and headed out into the world! The world was dark and windy and nobody but the photo and video class was awake.

We drove down to the Llano River to photograph a part of it. The place we walked through was just covered in fuzzy caterpillars. It was incredible. I must have killed a dozen just walking through. Also, tons of wolf spiders and ants and biting gnats. The biting gnats are what drive me crazy the most. They fly in your ears, eyes and try to get up your nose and they bite every cut and bruise on your skin. F***ers. I did get some pretty sweet macro shots from this morning.

Lunch was at noon but I slept right through it. Instead I got lunch with Jessica at McDonalds. $3.19 for a hamburger and large fries isn't a bad deal and it's a cheap lunch.

At 4:00 we met up again to head out to Mason Mountain again. I love that place. The very first time we went there I was in awe of how beautiful that place was. The color just jumps at you! Especially in Velvia film. God, that film looked incredible.

Unfortunately, against the suggestions from most of the photo class and radar weather warnings, when we got there it was raining and it was thought best to "wait it out." It was not just raining, it was pouring water from the sky. God was pissing on our photoshoot.

After sitting in the van for an hour Wyman decided he had had enough and we should go back to campus. Unfortunately a river/creek crossing was way too high from the water. So, we tried to wait it out.... for two whole hours. We have dinner of sandwiches in the van, I almost finish reading my book, and we contemplated playing "Chubby Bunny" with marshmallows.

A nice couple ends up behind us, Sue and Keith, and we decide after watching the water rise over the crossing (Brent sacrificed himself for the greater good to test the water, his conclusion "waist deep"). We all turn around and head back on up to the Wildlife Nature Conservancy to lodge up for the night. The good people who live there and work there let us stay due to the weather. Good news - plenty of beds.

As the rain continues to pour and as it gets later into the night, people pass the time by playing poker, watching TV, reading books, and drinking. I chose to read my book. The Memorist by M.J. Rose. Quite exciting, kind of like Da Vinci Code. I bunk up on top bunk in room 2 around 11:00 p.m. Derek grabs bottom bunk, and then two couples come in to share the other bunk. Boy was that a joy to fall asleep to. I know a lot about them now...

I'm just ready to sleep in my own bed again. Also, sad news, I only shot film today, so I have no photos to post. Tomorrow! If weather permits.

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