Sunday, May 23, 2010

Junction Day 8

At 7:30 Dave runs through the halls telling everyone to wake up. He neglects to inform the room Brittany and I are sharing, but thankfully I manage to wake up to the sounds of people talking and moving around. So I have time to grab a cup of coffee before heading out to shoot the river.

Oh the water feels so good! My biggest complaint though is of my shoes. Every single f***ing rock that can possibly get into my shoe gets into my shoe and stays there right under my arch or big toe. Stupid rocks. Stupid pebbles. The morning was pretty overcast but that was great for tight macro work. I found a ton of bugs to photograph and once the sun broke through the clouds I gave up and shot with my digital of people taking photos.

Walking back to the bunkhouse we pass by two rattlesnakes. I’m not an expert on snakes but I do know huge rattlers are territorial and the only reason we would see two in such close proximity is because of the dry weather. Wyman managed to snag the second snake. We let the first one pass by, after pissing him off of course. Matt and Dave ran off to grab Wyman’s truck and sped back with the snake box and his other tools. Seeing the rattlesnakes up close, being not 10 feet from them was incredible. We plan on shooting him tomorrow morning. I am so excited.

After getting back from the shoot at the river, since the light is crap until sunset, a lot of us went down to the dock to chill. I was there from 10:30 a.m. until about 2:00 p.m. I got some sweet sun! I made a few dives into the pond and the water just felt amazing. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow afternoon. There’s an island at the center and I might just swim out to it and back for giggles. A lot of inside jokes were created at the dock though. I tried throwing Dave into the water and I had him in a good lock, inching him closer and closer to the edge of the dock. Stupid Nick ruined it for me by pushing both Dave and I into the water. I suppose I deserved it though, I had pushed Nick in the water several times before that.

Lunch consisted of pancakes because little Erin turned 19 today and big Erin made birthday pancakes for her. It was adorable. Last night she got a ton of spankings from everyone, it was only right we treated her nicely afterward. Erin is the most amazing pancake cook I have seen, so loving and detail oriented and the pancakes were the best pancakes I have ever had in my life! Fluffy and delicious and completely satisfying. I am going to be so fat after this trip. Dang

I caught up on a nap and then changed into some pants before we headed up to the top of the summit where we were last night. I rode in the back of Wyman’s truck again with Brittany, Dave, Matt, Jessica, Nick, and Amanda. We had a blast back there. We had the snake box under my camera bag and Nick’s foot and a ton of dead mesquite limbs for firewood that probably stabbed all of us at one point in time or another. I got a poke in the wrist, but nothing serious, just enough to let me know I had been poked.

We were going to shoot the snake but the wind was so terrible we decided to wait until morning. We had dinner up there picnic style. Wyman and Jerod made steaks and baked potatoes for all of us and we scarfed them down quick. I brought two Shiners with me and finished them both before sunset. Scrumptious! Matt and I took a shot of Bacardi Rum in toast to our new sexy tans.

By the time all the food and alcohol had settled it was time to paint the building. The shots turned out great, (I think I’ve actually said this about every shot I have taken so far, oh well, forgive me, I feel so wonderful about all the new experiences I’ve been given!) and I can’t wait to see how the Velvia film exposes the shots.

When we got back to the bunkhouse it was dark and I was ready for bed right away but I figured I’d tire myself out a little bit more before heading off. I suppose I should have done that after writing this blog since now I’m too tired to even think.

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