Sunday, May 23, 2010

Junction Day 7

Let me tell you a little story; a story about Blue.

Blue is a blue dragonfly and Blue is very confused.

He doesn’t know who to love.

But his favorite one to hold on to is a girl named Alison.

She has brown hair and brown eyes, brown skin and brown freckles.

Alison smells like Aloe Vera.

Blue doesn’t understand why Alison doesn’t love back,

But he won’t take for granted the moments she lets him have

Perched atop her knee.

Blue loves Alison, but he loves everyone else too.

Blue is a blue dragonfly and Blue is very confused.

This morning I woke up to the cool morning breeze and the songs of the birds. Granted, some birds don’t sound so pretty as others, but it was a great way to start my day.

After waking up for breakfast, packing up the camp and cleaning the camp, we took a hike up the cliff to shoot down on the falls. We weren’t really told this until after we had all packed and so only 3 of us were wearing pants, all the others, including myself, were in shorts. If anyone asks, I fought off a mean armadillo because from the looks of my legs after walking through all that tall prickly brush, it sure looks like I did. Scratches all over my shins, calves, knees and thighs. It looks fierce. Once I got to the high point and looked down at the falls though, that hike was worth it. I’d suffer a thousand more scratches for a sight like that. It was just so beautiful. The air was misty with fog and there was a cool breeze on the water. Just gorgeous.

We left Dolan Falls around 10 a.m. and one of the adventures along the way was pushing the van out of the river. Yes, the van got stuck, and we had to pile rocks underneath the tires to give it traction. When Wild Dave drove the second van across, it too got stuck but Wyman was able to hook a chain on it and pull it out without the assistance of 18 students. Luckily we made it all the way to Del Rio without incident.

Lunch was delicious Jack in the Box and I was able to text and call a few people before we ran to WalMart where the class did their snack and drink shopping. I didn’t get anything since I’m not much of a snacker or a drinker.

Heading to Independence Creek, we had a bit of time so we stopped by a 213 foot tall bridge that crosses the Pecos River right before it meets the Rio Grande. This bridge had been built five times, each time getting destroyed by floodwaters until its current design which is now the tallest bridge in Texas.

We then stopped by Jack Skiles house in Langtry, Tx, and he gave us a tour of his artifact preservation room. In it he had huge cases of arrowheads and woven sandals, cases dedicated to the railroad construction and his family history. The largest case held a mummy that had died of Chagas disease (carried by the Assassin “Kissing” Bugs. This mummy had such an extreme case of this disease that his entire stomach and colon had swelled so much he looked 9 months pregnant. He had deer leather straps made as a girdle to support the swollen stomach. According to scientists and doctors, this person was unable to defecate for months and his colon had pinched his urethra, making him unable to urinate as well. I couldn’t image that pain. It was pretty awesome to look at though.

We made it to Independence Creek Preserve and after unpacking, headed up to the top of the summit to photograph tight shots of desert life. I found myself a pretty awesome looking centipede but after trying to move him into the sun, I dropped him and killed him. I broke the bug.

Thorn is here to visit for a bit and he’s a welcome addition to the group. He’s the ass in all the photos, literally. He’ll moon just about anything. Great guy and tons of fun to hang out with and talk to. I can only image the adventure this group is going to have with him. Wyman says we need to top last year’s Independence photo, I have no idea how but it’s sure going to be memorable.

This evening has been full of cheers as Wyman and Jerod team up and kick ass at beer pong. Who would have know that they could be champs at this! It was fun to watch but the first game was definitely one of overreaction. If you couldn’t tell, I prefer to sit on the couch blogging about my adventures than in the throes of the party. Parties just kill my mood and I’m not exactly sure why.

I don’t know what tomorrow has in store, except I do know I’ll be jumping off the dock into the pond and then laying out to get my brown on. Maybe Blue followed me here and maybe not. It feels good to have that constant, since I’ve been missing it since leaving for Junction.

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