Sunday, May 23, 2010

Junction Day 9

I can’t believe this is actually a class. We shoot in the morning. We shoot in the evening. Other than that, we are left with the day to do as we please. Most people take naps, others entertain themselves with friendly conversations or catching up on television shows.

Today when we woke up, there was such excitement in the air. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. Everyone was thinking it – the subject of our morning shoot. We all piled into the back of the truck and in the van and headed up to the top of the summit to shoot the rattlesnake on the rocks. Unfortunately, he was an old guy and not easily pissed off, so we didn’t have a very “action-packed” shoot, but still one that was exciting. I wasn’t scared at all. The entire time I moved closer to get a tight shot with my film camera I kept thinking about my mother and how freaked out she would be if she could see me then. I was two feet away from a venomous reptile, protected only by the glass of the lens.

After getting back to the Bunkhouse, Brittany and I watched a couple episodes of Big Bang Theory before taking a short nap. I woke up to the smell of Wyman’s cooking. Sausages, corn, baked beans, and pickles. My tummy has had such a smorgasbord of deliciousness this trip. I feel so spoiled with goodness. When I go back home I’m definitely going to have to learn how to cook.

I headed out to the dock after noon and got in as many jumps and dives as possible. The water felt incredible. I really worked on my dives, specifically the back dive. Once everyone else arrived, my heart was pounding hard in my chest and I was ready to annoy the crap out of someone. When Nick got to the dock we proceeded to push each other into the pond every chance we got. Dave, Matt and Nicole joined in too and it became “watch your back or your ass will get pushed in.” I haven’t tasted a summer like this since I was little. I love it and it’s a feeling I didn’t know I have missed since now.

Tomorrow afternoon we leave Independence Creek to get back to Junction. I’m going to miss this place because it is absolutely gorgeous.

Dinner of pork chops and leftover lunch was tasty and satisfying. During lunch Jessica had made some of her chocolate chip cookies made from scratch. They got gobbled up quickly because they were so tasty! Afterwards we set up for our Class Photo. It was epic. We had to top last year’s photo so this year, with the inspiration and guidance of Derek, we had a “Last Supper” meets “Beer Pong” meets “Photography and Videography.” All the ladies gathered around Dave who sat at the middle of a picnic table. On each end of the table was a setup of red party cups and all around on the grass were empty beer cans and beer bottles. Nicole and Lucas were the losers at one end and Wyman and Jerod were the winners at the other. Matt was the crazy nudist running around in the background. One shot he’s hanging from a tree, in another he’s standing on a log. Thankfully all we see is his backside.

The wind was pretty terrible tonight so we didn’t really have a good opportunity to go out and shoot, so we stayed in. As soon as the sun went down, the party started. A game of beer pong made people get loud and the girls were cheering, their high pitched voices stinging my ears. I really don’t like the party scene, which is why I don’t go to parties or have parties. I just shut down and it gets hard for me to pay attention to any one thing.

I finally succumbed to a party mood and play a game of beer pong with Matt. We lose against Jason and Lucas because silly little Erin is popping her butt all over the place as their distraction. She's crazy and cute. I finish off five beers and the minute my head hits the pillow I am dead to the world.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be hiking through the river. I’m really looking forward to it. Hell, I look forward to everything out here, but it’s true, I’m very excited and I feel so alive. I wonder what we’ll shoot in Junction – hopefully not anymore flowers and bugs in a field or on the side of a highway, but if so, it’s better be a great looking field.

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