Sunday, May 23, 2010

Junction Day 10

We weren't able to go out and shoot because the sky was miserable looking and it was too windy to shoot macro, so instead we packed up, loaded the van and truck and then proceeded to clean the crap out of the Bunkhouse.

Around 10:00 a.m. we left for Sonora to have Lunch at Pizza Hut. The service was terrible because the waitress was biased to the men in our group. Also, three orders were not processed. I think she was overwhelmed by 18 people coming in to sit down, but honestly, I've been a waitress and it's really not that difficult to get an order right when you're writing it all down.

We drop off our film - about 70 rolls and head off back to Junction. Lucas and I get to ride in Wyman's truck on this drive and it is so much fun. He has some crazy stories.

When we get back to Junction campus we have film waiting for us to go through. I have 4 rolls and I dig right in. I absolutely love the color Velvia film gives images. Just breathtaking and boy did I get some good shots!

After dinner at Lums BBQ we head on out to the Llano river, basically the same place we shot the cattle branding and head on over to the rapids to shoot. I suppose this group is better than most years because with all the warnings we have been given, we really haven't had any problems at all. Nobody got bit by assassin bugs, nobody has fallen into the river yet and nobody had become injured. We are awesome!

The river was gorgeous. I felt like I had really been missing out on one-on-one Wyman time so I chose to follow him around. I was surveying the land when he came up to me and pointed to a spot on the other side of some rocks. Getting there was the tricky part but we made it, having to wade in a bit of water and jump across to some rocks. The site was gorgeous. I set up a shot and he checked it out, offering some words of advice and then we'd switch off and he'd photograph the site.

We tried to get some good shots after the sun went down but the clouds we were all hoping would turn pink and purple, turned gray. Stupid clouds. We packed up fast so we could get across the river before dark. Again, everybody survived.

Last night was the party night. Tonight, however was the lull. The group tried to get in high spirits but most of us just wanted to go to bed. We got back to campus around 11:30 p.m. and I quickly fell asleep. Wyman gave all of us the OK to sleep in. Thank goodness. As much as I love waking up early and getting as much done as possible, I do love that moment of peace and quiet of having nothing to do.

If you are interested in knowing exactly where I have been..... here's a silly map. Forgive me, I don't know how to screen print to save an image and so I just took a picture of it, but you get the idea.
A - Lubbock - Texas Tech
B - Junction - Campus
C - Del Rio - Near Dolan Falls
D - Langtry - Jack Skiles and his mummy
E - Sonora - Drop off film and eat Pizza Hut
F - Sheffield - Near Independence Creek

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  1. awesome! miss you ali-son!
    btw. if you ever need to copy your screen again:
    1)press the 'Print Screen' button
    2)open any image software, I use paint but you might be more fancy than me!
    3)Paste it, you can just paste it. Ctrl+v or Edit>Paste