Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Peace O' Cakes

Peace O' Cakes

Peace O' Cakes Cupcakes is an upscale, big-city cupcakery here in this small but growing town. With their butter creme icing flavored to any of their 50+ flavors, they are sure to hit everybody's sweet spot. (You know, the one right under the rib cage.)

Located on the northwest corner of 34th and Indiana, Peace O' Cakes is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:30am until all the cupcakes are sold!

My friend Jana (who you have already seen so many lovely posts about if you've been following my 365 Project) works at Peace O' Cakes and let me in the shop early to photograph the madness happening in the kitchen. It was a wonderful experience and so much fun! Thank you so much at everyone at Peace O' Cakes!

So many wonderful, delicious cupcakes!

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